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Refer Bonus

Help your friends and family to shop more till they hop and win an amazing shopping referral prizes!

To Qualify for a referral bonus one must be able to meet this requirements at any giving period of time!

A: Must be 18 years and Above and mentally sound.

B: Must have an Account with with at least a one time purchase of any amount of our products.


All you have to do is simple and pure!

A: Refer this website to as many people as possible through word of mouth recommendations or share it on other social media channels on your platforms.

Repeat the cycle by teaching all new members to Do the Same.

Please Note: You are advised to keep a copy of the invoice of purchase of you and all referred members.

B: For each new preferred Customer who purchases any of our products, you will earn a 5% commission on their First Order.

C: You and/ Or the person must order products worth…! At any calendar month;

I:GHS 100+ = Instant Bonus  (shopping voucher)!

II: GHS 300+ = Instant Bonus (shopping voucher)!

III: GHS1000+ =Instant Cash + T-Shirt

IV: GHS 5000+ = Instant Cash + shopping Voucher + T-Shirt

V; GHS 10000+ =Instant Cash + Smart Phone + Shopping Voucher + T-Shirt.


I: Bonuses are paid out each week on every Fridays. This can be done through the payment systems provided to us during your First purchase(s) and Billing Address.

Ii: Through other Fast and Reliable payment methods.

Iii: Send your full name and Contact details to

Please Note: For security reasons, attach a copy of all invoice(s ) regarding purchase(s ) of you and/ Or Referred Customers for rapid process and Copy of any valid National ID In any Giving Country.

For more information please…. “Contact us”.




We provide you with an opportunity to return products that does not conform to your order(s) placed maximum of 7 days to do so.

Same Day Delivery

We Offer SameDay instant Delivery within Accra Only, once we have received your order(s) on-time and all other information to help make your delivery very fast.


We assured you of best quality products and services to meet all your preferences, but If something went wrong before,after,  during billing, packaging, handling and other related issues, you are to report immediately within 7 days maximum by contacting customer service number or through email within that periods for necessary actions to be taken. 

Free Delivery

We offer Free instant Nationwide delivery once we have received your order(s) on time and payment confirmed.


We have ready and competent suppliers to meet all your demands very fast and responsive.


Our excellent support team is always working hard on the background 24/7 to help you with better services. We are here to help you, Relax and enjoy our great services.